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Bathroom Partitions

High quality and durable bathroom partitions are an essential part of every commercial restroom. We can help you plan for your bathroom partition project. Whether you are a contractor, architect, or end-user, we can help you with any project. We manufacture and sell a vast line of bathroom partition materials, including powder coated steel, solid plastic, and stainless steel bathroom partitions.

Toilet Partitions

Are you looking for toilet partitions and have no idea what you need? That's where Sanymetal comes in. We work with our customers to plan toilet partition layouts based on their custom dimensions and requirements. We plan and manufacture toilet partitions for beautiful commercial restroom appearance. Buying toilet partitions online is easy. Sanymetal will take care of you every step of the way.

Bathroom Stalls

So, you need to purchase bathroom stalls and you have no idea what you need. Almost everyone that comes to Sanymetal looking for bathroom stalls feels the exact same way! At Sanymetal, we work with our customers to develop bathroom stall plans for restaurants, bars, churches, schools, and more. We do all of the hard work and planning for your bathroom stall project and manufacture and deliver these within 4-5 days.

Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Sanymetal manufactures commercial bathroom partitions and we are the oldest commercial bathroom partition manufacturer operating in the United States today. We offer stainless steel bathroom partitions, powder coated steel bathroom partitions, and solid plastic bathroom partitions. We can provide exact price quotes within 10 minutes and we ship all products within 24 hours. If you need commercial bathroom partitions for your next bathroom installation project, be sure to reach out to Sanymetal.

Restroom Partitions

Restroom partitions are a beautiful addition or upgrade to any commercial bathroom. If you are looking to plan a restroom partition layout or project, Sanymetal can help you with dimensions, planning, and purchasing. Sanymetal manufactures and ships restroom partitions to churches, schools, bars, restaurants, and many other establishments. Need restroom partitions for schools or restroom partitions for churches? Reach out to us and we will make the purchasing and delivery process so easy!

Toilet Stalls

Sanymetal manufactures toilet stalls for commercial restrooms and toilet partitions. Building a toilet stall can be a little bit confusing, that is why we recommend you visit Sanymetal. We have been manufacturing toilet stalls for all sorts of commerical buildings since 1916. We offer many types of stainless steel toilet partitions and stainless steel bathroom partitions all over the United States. Come to us and let us help you build a layout for your toilet stalls in a commercial restroom.

Commercial Toilet Partitions

Commerical toilet partitions delivered within 2-3 days. That is what we do at We can help plan, manufacture, and deliver commercial toilet partitions for any project, no matter how custom the project and requirements may be. Sanymetal offers the highest quality and most affordable toilet partition materials, all delivered with our "freaky fast" shipping treatment. If you are in a rush to buy commercial toilet partitions, you have met your match at

Sanymetal Toilet Partitions

Sanymetal toilet partitions are the most well known and longest operating brand of commerical toilet partitions in the United States. Sanymetal was founed in 1916 and has had operations all over the United States. We now ship toilet partitions from New York, Tennessee, and California. We offer quick manufacturing and quick shipping all across the United States, no matter how difficult or complicated your toilet partition or toilet stall project may be.

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