Bathroom Partition Guides, Tips, and News

How to Order Toilet Partitions Online

When it comes time to plan your commercial bathroom project, the suppliers you choose to work with can have a major impact on the success of the project. You’ll want to make sure you work with reliable suppliers that offer quality products backed by a helpful customer support team. You can choose to work with […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Ordering the right bathroom partitions is a big part of any commercial bathroom project. The partitions are a big part of the bathroom design, and the materials and layout should be carefully considered during your planning process. Take the time to do your research before ordering any hardware so you can ensure the best outcome. […]

Toilet Partition Prices

How Much Are Toilet Partitions? Here is a pricing guide:    ($350-600 per stall)                     ($500-1,100 per stall)                 ($400-1,100 per stall) When you order toilet partitions online, you have a lot of options. Of course, one of the […]

Bathroom Stalls – Custom Kits and Partitions

When designing a commercial bathroom layout, the bathroom stalls can make a big difference. You want to choose high-quality stalls that can be customized to fit the needs of your project. There are plenty of different ways you can customize your bathroom partitions. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider: Commercial Bathroom Stall […]

Bathroom Partitions Hardware Guide

Are you looking for bathroom partitions for a commercial restroom? Attractive bathroom partitions are an essential part to every commercial restroom. The following is a how-to material selection guide on what to look for when purchasing bathroom partitions. Powder Coated Steel Bathroom Partitions Overview: Powder coated steel bathroom partitions are the most frequently purchased bathroom partitions […]